We Grow Grand Rapids.

Welcome to Citizen Labs, a place for innovation and citizen engagement focused on improving our community.

We work together with our community to use open data and open source technology to promote transparency, better understand problems, make better choices, and provide solutions that work.

We are developers, designers, data geeks, leaders, and idea-makers who volunteer to help local and state governments, and civic organizations.

We provide Grand Rapids with:

Inspiration, Mentoring, and Access to Resources: We are online - all the time - working on projects that are important to our community. We also meet twice every month for a "hack night," open events where individuals and groups of individuals can work, share, and learn in an inclusive environment

Infrastructure and Physical Resources: We provide technical infrastructure and physical resources for the over 20 projects that are in our pipeline.

Connection and Awareness: We are active in many different communities that form the tapestry of Grand Rapids. Our relationships reach from the private sector, local government, other nonprofits, and into neighborhood associations.

Talent: We are broad group of over 80 active citizens who support growing Grand Rapids into the best it can be.

Want To Help Your City? Good, we could use your help.

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